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Researchers are 3D printing aircraft parts using new laser technology that could transform industry.

A team of RMIT University researchers led by Professor Milan Brandt are using laser metal deposition technology to build and repair defence aircraft parts in a two-year collaborati...


New Additive Manufacturing Hub to boost industry capability

Objective 3D

AMTIL has established a new Additive Manufacturing Hub in partnership with the Victorian State Government, to help connect Victorian businesses with breakthrough addivitve manufacturing (AM) technolog...


Delta WASP 20 40 Turbo2 Spitfire

Halkin IT WASP3D

The fastest printer for your projects. Up to 1000 mm/s from idea to finished product. Absolute precision, versatility and reliability. A stainless steel hot pad, temperature controlled ambi...


Low-volume Production

3D Systems, On Demand Manufacturing - Asia Pacific

Quality And Responsiveness For Short-Run Production Low-volume production services help you reduce tooling costs and refine designs. Throughout the process, 3D Systems offers unparalleled value thr...