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Raptis Pax is a well recognised name in the Plastic Packaging Industry with over 25 years experience.
Raptis Pax produces an extensive range of Plastic Food Packaging.
Raptis Pax specialise in Food Packaging for Bakery, Meat, Seafood and Poultry Trays and Containers.

We sell a wide range of Containers suitable for Fresh Produce Pre Packing and Flow Wrapping.
The full range with associated photographs and specifications can be searched on our Packaging Products page.

Raptis Pax currently manufactures plastic packaging systems using state-of-the-art equipment at its Rocklea Operation. The company has sufficient spare capacity for additional growth. 

Our Hi-tech machinery and equipment has the capacity to use APET (Amorphous Poly Ethylene Terephthalate), PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), MIPS (Medium Impact Poly Styrene), BOPS (Biaxially Oriented Poly Styrene) and PP (Poly Propylene) materials.

All of our tools are maintained to a high standard for optimum productivity, and to ensure the customer receives uncompromising Quality of Product.

We specialise in custom made tooling and blister packaging by following a strict process to create prototype samples for market analysis to ensure precision in the final product. 

Our overall success has a lot to do with the fact that we do in-house custom design. Our Design Engineering Team follows each project from start to finish to ensure the proper implementation of our customers individual designs are achieved.  We accomplish this by using the best available industrial technology.


Raptis Pax Pty Ltd is accredited to ISO 9001.2000 and HACCP.  Raptis Pax Pty Ltd is also a member of the National Packaging Covenant Industry Association (NPCIA). 

Raptis Pax provides information on the World Wide Web that includes our online product catalogue and online inquires.

Our extensive product range includes packaging for the bakery, fresh produce, poultry and meat, seafood, and other related food industries, the sports industry, the technology industry,and the medical industry.

With our desire for excellence, coupled with the creativity of our team, we are able to provide superior quality and service to satisfy our customers ever evolving packaging needs.

The company prides itself on maintaining high inventory of raw materials and finished goods within  our extensive warehousing facility which allows us to respond quickly to our customers’ needs.

The company successfully maintains exceptional delivery times as evidence by our KPI records.  We deliver nationally into each state with a two to five day turnaround from the receipt of orders.


Raptis Pax Pty Ltd will strive at all times to provide our Customers with excellence in Service and uncompromising Quality of Product.  We will furthermore continue to promote a Corporate Policy of Environmental Consciousness through implementation of an environmental friendly processing and product range.

We will achieve this through :

  • Education and Training of all our employees.
  • Providing a safe and acceptable workplace for all  our employees.
  • Maintaining Quality Accreditation to ISO and equivalent standards.
  • Continuous Improvement of our processes and products through measured performances.
  • Maintaining worlds best practice at all our operations.
  • Providing on time delivery and competitive pricing to all our customers

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