3D Printing Charity projects 


With Pokemon Go becoming such a massive craze, I thought that it would be wonderful to provide the less fortunate kids who are unable to go out Pokemon hunting some fun by 3D printing a whole army of Pokemons to be handed out to the children by the volunteer staff at the hospital and put some big smiles on little faces.

I posted the idea on a 3D printing Facebook page and never expected to get the comments, feedback, and generosity of the people there. I've even had offers from people in the US to post batches of Pokemons to me.

So with the help of a couple of local Brisbane guys as well as several professional 3D printing companies, this project is growing bigger and bigger by the day. We currently have over 100+ Pokemons of different kinds already printed and ready to go with more coming.

If you are a 3D printing company who would like to get involved or you are a supplier of 3D filament and are able to provide us with some filament to print more pokemons or you are just someone who has an idea on how you can help, please get in touch with me.

We still have a couple of weeks to get as many Pokemons printed as we can before they all go and "invade" the hospital's childrens wards.

A big thank you to 3D Printing Today for allowing me to add this event on your site.

Stay tuned for updates of the pokemon army, BIG shout outs to all involved and going out of their way to help. You can find photos of what is being printed on the Facebook page.


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