Halkin IT WASP3D 


We are the NSW reseller for WASProject 3D printers.

WASP 3D printers are solid, fast and reliable 3D printers for the professional or enthusiast. WASP extruders allow you to print in porcelain, clay, PLA, ABS, PETG, FLEX, TPU, Polypropilene, ABS+PC, Nylon, Nylon+Carbon, Aluminium and Zirconium.

Delta WASP 20 40 Turbo2 - print area 20cm to 40cm high, resolution 50 microns, max speed 200mm/s

DeltaWASP 40 70 Industrial - print area 40cm to 70cm high, resolution 100 micron, max speed 250mm/s

DeltaWASP 60 100 - print area 60cm to 100cm, resolution 100 micron, max speed 200mm/s

DeltaWASP 3MT Industrial - print area 100cm to 90cm, resolution 0.05mm max speed 200mm/s (Spitfire extruder)

Clay Kit - LDM WASP Extruder - WASP 's new professional Kit with extruder, LDM Wasp Extruder for fluid-dense and ceramic materials.


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