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Address Sarina queensland 

3dwise can now offer large format fdm printing our large printer it has a bed size of x axis = 1200 x y axis = 1200 z axis = 2400 we have a range of nozzles from 0.2 mm up to 1.2 mm,this with give you a choice of the standard that you need for your projects , we also can print any small jobs that you need including flex , pla, abs , timber , bamboo etc , we can offer digital carving on most materials with our 4 axis cnc router , because we have multiple machines we are capable of running more than one  machines at once, , for a quick object print  response time for your products that need this application , if you need small runs that need to be vacuum formed we have a small  vacuum former for your needs also, our small plastic injection machine can do  runs with your dies also, now for your higher detail jobs we have a resin printer that can satisfy you needs , for any information about our services & capabilities of our machinery  please contact me at 0749504145 or email at [email protected]