3D Printing Seminars and Workshops 

by Objective 3D 
on 23-Aug-2016 
at Brisbane | Melbourne | Adelaide | Sydney 

Manufacturing relies on tools including jigs, fixtures, templates and gauges to maintain quality and production efficiency. They are used to position, hold, protect and organize components and sub assemblies at all stages of the manufacturing process. And although these tools are virtually invisible when production is running smoothly, their importance becomes evident when problems arise. To avoid production halts or product defects, new jigs and fixtures must be rapidly designed, manufactured and deployed.

Now for the first time, Objective3D and Stratasys brings you a 2 in 1 experience. Join us in-person at a seminar and workshop near you as we demonstrate how 3D printing streamlines and enhances the production of Jigs and Fixtures, resulting in greater productivity and better ergonomics.

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