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3D Prototyping offers 3D design services which can assist you in taking your idea and making it into a tangible reality. Our 3D designing services are suitable for a range of clients, from individual inventors to large organisations.

Whether you are a member of the Engineering, Architecture, or Manufacturing field, or a home inventor with a great design idea, 3D Prototyping can help you convert your 3D CAD design into high quality prototypes.

Our advanced 3D designing services can benefit you in making a better prototype and building a better product.

3D Designing is a crucial step in turning a design concept into a prototype that is ideal in form and function. 3D designing allows you to carefully create, view, and make any needed changes to your product before you waste the effort and money on production. By allowing you to view an exact representation of your product design in 3D virtual format, we can ensure that the finished product is everything that you need it to be in terms of size, shape, design, and function.

Let 3D Prototyping save you money on your next design project

Did you know that you can save yourself time and money simply by hiring the right professional design services - 3D Prototyping is your answer, our qualified staff can assist in your design phase.
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Consider the following:

“A problem in the design phase costs $X”
“Fixing it in the prototyping stage costs $10X”
“Fixing it in the manufacturing phase costs $100X”
“Fixing it after product release costs $1000X”

As you can easily see, the design phase of a product has an overwhelming impact on its future success or failure. That’s why at 3D Prototyping we use a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive approach for every design project. We understand how crucial it is for you to find the changes that need to be made while your design is in the early phases.

That’s why we take factors such as tooling, manufacturing, ergonomics and future marketing into consideration from Day One. Our approach for your design project helps keep your costs lower from the get-go while at the same time maintaining the highest level of quality and design optimization. We can also use our depth of knowledge and years of experience in the manufacturing and engineering field to aid you in improving your design to its fullest potential.

Ensure ultimate manufacturability of your design

3D Prototyping can help you to ensure that your design concept is transformed into the reality that you imagined and intended it to be and that ultimate manufacturability is reached. By considering tooling and manufacturing aspects in the early design phase, the manufacturability of a design is achieved. The manufacturability of the design ensures that manufacturing related activities such as fabrication of the mould, assembly and others are enhanced.

Experts in 3D design working with you to achieve your design goals

At 3D Prototyping our advanced design capabilities, multi-disciplinary approach and over 25 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing, work together to assure all of our customers of a quality and cost effective product design. Furthermore, with our own prototyping and manufacturing capabilities, you’ll be able to get professional advice from us, with regards to the prototyping, tooling and production of the design.

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